Universal Buggy Clips Stroller Hook Clips Two Baby Pram Hooks Clips

By Zugati

  • ZUGATI STROLLER PRAM HOOKS - Set includes two hooks. These stroller clips are a life saver stroller accessories for every young mother, use our mommy hook and no more braking your back carrying all your shopping bags, diaper bag backpack, stroller organizer etc. Just clip them on our extra strong pram hooks and enjoy your trip.
  • BUGGY CLIPS - Our clients tell us that they don't know how they coped without these buggy clips before, 'They are quite literally a life saver!' No more breaking your back carrying everything yourself.
  • STRONG STROLLER CLIPS - Hold your change bag, kids' school bags, lunch bags, coats, toys and even dirty nappy bags. Every parent needs an EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS, because there is never enough space in the basket under the buggy. You'll no longer ask yourself "How am I going to carry all my bags?" You can get back to just getting stuff done.
  • HEAVY DUTY STROLLER CLIPS - The buggy clips hook can easily be installed using the Velcro on any buggy bar. The stroller cup holder is universal and fits on any buggy brand on the market. Extra strong design, enough for your supermarket shop and those bricks you seem to need to carry.
  • ALSO FOR WHEELCHAIR - Customers tell us they have also used these hooks in cars, on bicycles, wheelchairs, walking frames, shopping trolleys, with dog leads and more!