Unisex Cable Lock Buggy and Pushchair Accessory-One Size UK


  • A small and compact coded cable lock, suitable for use with most buggies, strollers and child carriers so you can secure your items when out and about to a bike rack, lamppost, raining and more
  • Tough ABS plastic body meaning it is long lasting and highly durable. It will endure the rigours of family life and be dependable when you need it most
  • L10320
  • Features a resettable 4-digit number combination which allows you to set your own code with 10,000 options, meaning it is 10 times harder to crack than a 3-digit version
  • Secures child carriers, pushchairs, bikes or scooters which is great when you want the freedom to visit your favourite café or to play with your children in the park
  • Tough, retractable 100cm cable with a steel cable meaning it is fully rust-proof