Toddlers Portable Stroller Board With Removable Safe Seat and Wheel

By Dhouse

Color: Blue
  • BETTER CARE OF THE CHILDREN: This toddler buggy board is specially designed for families with 2 children, it can be attached to the back of the stroller. When the child is too tired to walk, the child can sit or stand on the mini buggy board, so that you can take an extra child, making it easier for you to travel with your child, and making you take care of your child better. 
  • 2 IN 1 SITTING AND STANDING: There is a removable seat on the kiddy board where your child can choose to sit or stand on the pedals for more comfort and less effort. At the same time, this stroller buggy board has a storage belt. When it is not in use temporarily, the storage belt can be used to hang and store the children's board, which is easy to operate.
  • EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP: This pram board is constructed with pedals, swivel wheels, and a removable seat. The pedal is made of friendly PP material, with a special textured non-slip design, sturdy and reliable, and suitable for children under 25 kg.The universal wheel adopts the widened and thickened PU universal wheel, which is smooth and wear-resistant and can be easily pushed. The detachable seat is made of EVA material, which is soft and comfortable, making the child more comfortable sitting.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This portable kiddy board is an ideal companion for strollers, when you take your child to shop in malls and supermarkets, walk in parks and streets, you can install this child board, it is easy to carry 2 children, and reduce your burden, make you better enjoy the time of walking and shopping with the children.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This buggy standing board is not suitable for all strollers. The rear wheel of the stroller needs to have a transverse axle longer than 23 cm. The recommended distance between the horizontal axis and the ground is 12-17 cm. The diameter of the horizontal axis should not exceed 2.5cm, and the length of one circle of the outer diameter of the horizontal axis should not exceed 8cm, otherwise, the pedal cannot enter. Please check your stroller before buying.