Sweet Dreamers, Ewan The Dream Sheep, Purple - Baby White/Pink Noise Machine and Sleep Aid with Night Light


  • BEST-SELLING UK BABY SLEEP AID: With over 1 million ewans sold globally, ewan is working hard to monitor and help babies and toddlers sleep peacefully – which of course means Mum and Dad get a great night's sleep too!
  • REAL WOMB AND HEARTBEAT SOUNDS: Super cute and cuddly ewan the dream sheep replicates the comfort of the womb with a selection of soothing sounds, including actual recordings of Mum's womb and heartbeat, to help lull your newborn or toddler into a peaceful slumber. A mother’s heartbeat sound has been scientifically proven to help quickly calm and induce a deep sleep, so is featured in all of ewan’s soothing sounds. Additionally womb sounds have also been proven to help ease COLIC induced pain.
  • WHITE & PINK NOISE SOUND MACHINE: ewan has a choice of 4 mesmerizing sleep-inducing sounds: Rainfall, Harp Melody, Vacuum Cleaner and Womb all combined with Mum’s resting heartbeat, to provide an effective toy for settling restless babies. ewan’s soft pink noise reminds baby of the comfort of the womb whilst encouraging them to settle quickly into a deeper restful sleep. Recreating the comfort of the womb has been scientifically proven to help reassure and relax babies.
  • COMFORTING NIGHT LIGHT: Unlike other intrusive projectors or bright night lights, ewan’s soft red glow mimics the womb environment together with encouraging the release of the sleepy hormone melatonin; helping to comfort and soothe whilst inducing a deep, peaceful and longer sleep. ewan’s magical sounds and nightlight feature a 20-minute timer with automatic shut off – saving you the inconvenience of having to get out of bed to switch ewan off!
  • SOOTHE ON-THE-GO: You'll find ewan loves to travel and is excellent at soothing on-the-go, attaching easily to cot or crib bars, your buggy, or car seats, making him the perfect mobile companion for overnight stays and family vacations, when your little one needs to see a comforting familiar and friendly face!