Quick Dry Beach Towel - Compact, Lightweight, 83% Polyester, Large (160x90cm), with Bag


Whitsunday Blue

Ditch the Sand, Embrace Paradise: The Beach Towel That Does It All

Imagine this: warm sun on your skin, gentle waves lapping at your toes, and the perfect beach towel waiting for you. This is the towel you've been dreaming of.

  • Leave the Sand at the Beach: Say goodbye to sandcastles on your towel! Our high-tech fabric shakes sand right off, keeping your beach haven clean and comfortable. (First seen on BBC's Dragons' Den!)
  • Dry Off in a Flash: Ditch the shivers! This quick-drying marvel soaks up water 3 times faster than a regular towel, leaving you refreshed and ready for more fun.
  • Sunbathe in Style: Choose from two stunning striped designs - the classic cabana or the vibrant summer palette - to make a statement on the shore.
  • Eco-Conscious Comfort: Made from 100% recycled materials, this luxuriously soft towel is kind to the planet and feels incredible against your skin.
  • Spacious Relaxation: Our generously sized towel (63" x 35") offers ample room to spread out and soak up the rays.

This isn't just a beach towel, it's an upgrade to your entire beach experience. Order yours today and discover the difference!