Next to me chicco Deluxe Crib Mattress Compatible Bedside Crib Next2Me (83 x 50 x 5 cm)


  • Mattress is compatible with the Next To Me crib. It is 5cm thick giving added comfort with extra support for new-born babies. GAX crib mattress is made of premium quality material & fits all standard size cribs for years of use. Offers a protective plush sleeping surface
  • Luxury microfibre removable quilted cover & lock-stitched waterproof binding for lasting durability that provides a healthy sleeping environment for your baby. GAX crib mattress supportive foam layer will cradle your new-born safely & support proper posture in your toddler’s back & neck.
  • Perfect Size: Our safe and durable “83 x 50 x 5 cm” crib mattress fits standard toddler beds and cribs. Extra firm mattress provides babies with the best sleep. GAX baby mattress is lightweight, and heat tempered coils offer a firm foundation & excellent support.
  • Tested Quality: Our product is approved and tested by British Standards Health through NHS. Firmness, durability, crib fitted and tested for chemicals to help create a healthier sleeping environment for your baby.
  • Professionally manufactured in the UK to meet the latest British standards (bs1877-10:2011+a1:2012 and bs7177:2008+a1:2011) without the use of antimony

GAX understand the importance of ensuring a safe, healthy and comfortable sleep environment for our babies.


Premium Quality:

Our Mattress is made with premium quality materials and workmanship. The mattress offers cushioned comfort for infants and toddlers.


Our fantastic product features a safe hooking system with four elastic bands to safely attach it to the mattress.


Breathable & Waterproof:

The waterproof cover is stain-resistant to help protect against liquids leaking inside that helps prevent mildew and odor from seeping inside.


Breathable, it allows air circulation within the surface in contact with the baby and the crib's mattress.


Compact & Easy Cleaning:

It is washable and compact. when rolled-up, can be cleaned in the washing machine. The lock-stitched binding is essential & part of the new standards, so the edges won’t unravel and create a safety issue.


Easy to fit to the next to me crib!!


Our mattress is firm and resilient that features full perimeter border wires that keep the sides, corners, and edges of the mattress firm and maintain their shape all along the edges for extra safety.



Comfort with Durability:

The foam in the mattress is comfy and soft to the touch, features an anti-slip layer to keep it in place, and it’s precisely fitted to reduce wrinkles and bunching as your infant sleeps. No need to worry about the night time accidents and daytime spills, all you need is GAX baby crib mattress!!