Frida Baby Control The Flow Rinser


Bath Time Bliss: Rinse & Repeat with the Frida Baby 2-in-1 Rinse Buddy!

Say goodbye to tears and soapy ears with the Frida Baby 2-in-1 Rinse Buddy! This ingenious bath tool keeps bath time fun and fuss-free for parents and little ones alike. Here's why you'll love it:

    • Double Duty Rinse: Two nozzles for two options! Choose a gentle rain shower for delicate newborns or a playful waterfall for curious toddlers.
    • Plenty of Splash: The extra-large 710ml pitcher holds enough water for multiple rinses, from head to toe, without constant refills.
    • Grip It & Rinse: Pour with ease using the comfortable handle or the ergonomic grip - perfect for any one-handed wrangling!
    • Bath Time Dream Team: The Rinse Buddy is part of the full Frida Baby Bath Time collection, so you can mix and match for a bathtime routine that's as smooth as your baby's skin.

Make bath time a breeze with the Frida Baby 2-in-1 Rinse Buddy! Order yours today and discover the joy of rinse-and-repeat bathtime bliss!