Deuter Women’s Kid Comfort Active SL Lightweight Child Carrier, denim, 12 L


• Ultralight Adventures: Weighing in at just 2650g, this child carrier won't weigh you down on even the most ambitious hikes. Enjoy the journey, not the load!

• Comfy for All: With an adjustable back length that caters to a wide range of body types, this carrier ensures both parents can share the trekking joy without aches or pains.

• Stash & Dash: Keep essentials close at hand with the large, ventilated mesh pocket under the seat. The quick drawstring closure lets you grab snacks or diapers in a flash.

• Growing Together: As your little explorer gets bigger, so does their seat! The height-adjustable seat and footrests ensure a comfy ride for every adventure.

• Level Up Comfort: Take it up a notch with the optional larger pillow and sun canopy (sold separately). Perfect for adding an extra layer of cozy shade on sunny days.