Baby Wrap - Hands-Free Baby Wrap Carrier - Soft & Stretchy Wrap - Baby Carrier Newborn to Toddler 7-35 lbs - One-Size-Fits-All Baby Holder Wrap - Hip-Healthy Baby Wrap Sling


Color: Grey
  • Treasure those snuggles: Experience the warmth of your sleeping baby nestled against you, inhaling their sweet scent. Cherish these early moments – they grow up fast!

  • Bond on the go: Stay connected while getting things done. This carrier frees your hands, letting you take a stroll, cook dinner, or even answer emails – all while keeping your little one close.

  • Cozy comfort & safety: Made with a soft, machine-washable blend, this carrier feels like a gentle hug for both you and your baby. No buckles or rings, just secure support built for peace of mind.

  • Easy as 1-2-3: Forget frustrating instructions. This carrier is designed for intuitive use, with simple steps that let you master any position in minutes. Even a fussy baby won't slow you down.

  • Feel good, do good: With each purchase, you're helping children in need. A portion of the proceeds supports "Long Way Home," a Guatemalan charity building self-sufficient schools for underprivileged communities.