Fresh Baby Travel Reducer For Car Seats Carrycots


  • UNIVERSAL: the Cosymorpho newborn insert supports your baby ideally in a carrycot, lounger, bouncer, stroller or car seat (2, 3 or 5-point harness) with detachable strap
  • REASSURING COCOON: the Cosymorpho features cushioned edges to fit your baby's body shape, ensuring they are fully supported when lying on their back
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: this universal newborn insert is made from memory foam to avoid any pressure on your baby's back
  • ANATOMICAL HEADREST: the Cosymorpho Fresh Blue includes a Coolmax headrest. This thermo-regulating fabric guarantees better ventilation
  • NATURALLY SOFT AND BREATHABLE: this newborn insert is made from bamboo fibre. This ecological material is naturally very soft, breathable and anti-bacterial

Product Description

The Cosymorpho reassures and maintains your baby in all environments. After nine warm months in mummy's tummy, your baby may feel a bit lost in its new surroundings. The Cosymorpho blue creates a reassuring cocoon for your baby. Your little one is comfortably settled right from birth. Our Cosymorpho is a universal product. With its dimensions of 54.5 x 35 x 5 cm, it has been designed to fit any type of bouncer, swing, car seat or carrycot (2, 3 or 5 point harness) with detachable straps. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with a particular model of baby carriage and invite you to contact the manufacturer of the model concerned for further details. It should be checked beforehand that the harness of the product in question can be opened fully so that the straps can pass through the openings in our Cosymorpho. This cosymorpho reducer has fleece edges in bamboo viscose. This ultra soft fabric has unique properties. It is breathable. Your baby is kept in a supine position (according to the WHO recommendation) while retaining freedom of movement. The Cosymorpho has been designed for the well-being of your baby. Memory foam reduces pressure on the back. Its particularity : it is breathable and perforated for the comfort and safety of your baby. The Coolmax fabric guarantees ideal ventilation of the head, back and neck. Your baby will spend many hours on his back. To keep a round head, the Cosymorpho incorporates a morphological headrest. Comfortable, breathable and morphological, the Cosymorpho Fresh Blue ensures your baby optimal comfort wherever he is. Why you will love it? • Reducing effect with padded edges to reassure your baby • Morphological headrest for a round head • Bamboo viscose edges which are naturally breathable • Coolmax thermo-regulating fabric for better ventilation • Perforated and breathable viscoelastic memory foam • Universal : fits loungers, bouncers, carrycots, car seats and pushchairs (2, 3 or 5 points harness compatable), with removable straps • Composition : Headrest : Coolmax fabric Printed jersey and breathable mesh : 100% polyester Edges : 100% bamboo viscose Bias : 95% cotton & 5% elastane Padding : 100% polyurethane foam

Box Contains

1 x Cosymorpho